Why TrackURL.link is One of The Best Link Management Platform

Seomarketing Published on July 03, 2022

What separates TrackURL.link from the competition? What makes TrackURL.link the best link management platform?

What is TrackURL.link?

TrackURL.link is a freemium URL shortening tool which provides businesses with unique & branded short links along with analytics for the shortened links. TrackURL.link's main goal is to change how the web interacts with website links by providing safe short links which can be shared easily and monitored through special analytics algorithms. We strive to make sure that companies get the exposure they really deserve. Our strength is our innovative way of arising with short and unique URLs that replace long links without reducing their effectiveness. Are you looking to leverage the facility of short links to enhance the brand identity of your business & boost the conversions and sales? We've got you covered. Well, you do not need to believe us directly , just try our URL shortener service and see for yourself.

TrackURL.link has been in business since 2008 and we prioritize hearing our customers. We want to know all about their pain points, and ultimately, we strive to provide a solution to fit their needs — both now, and as those needs change. Over the years, we’ve heard some consistent feedback about what our platform offers, and how we are different from the rest.

Value for the price

TrackURL.link was designed for Business, but we also know that link management is a crucial piece of marketing strategy for companies of all sizes. 

TrackURL.link offers more than just link shortening – link management allows users to collaborate efficiently, organize links, analyze data, monitor activity and campaigns, connect with other platforms, all while keeping their data secure.

With TrackURL.link, you can create, manage, and edit short links. You’ll have full control over and instant access to link analytics. Users and teams can collaborate to keep links consistent and in one centralized location. Generating QR codes is a breeze, and distributing links across social media, via SMS or messaging platforms, or internally among colleagues, all while tracking your clicks or scans is made easy with TrackURL.link.

These are just a few of the powerful features offered with TrackURL.link Business clients have even more flexibility, and can be customized to meet your ever-evolving needs.

Ease of use

On first glance, link management can be intimidating. However, the majority of our clients are digital marketing teams working to promote their business and gain valuable insights into their customers.

TrackURL.link’s user interface was made for any team to hit the ground running. Our intuitive platform was made to fit the needs of all users – no matter their technical experience.

For day-to-day management, most users will feel completely comfortable and in control of link distribution at any scale. And for more advanced users, we offer access to our incredibly robust API (more on that below!).


A crucial step in your workflow

Adding a step to your workflow can seem tedious and even a bit overwhelming, however TrackURL.link offers multiple ways to streamline your workflows to maximize your performance.

Once integrated into existing workflows, most users find that it’s quick and easy to generate and distribute links. And most importantly, TrackURL.link gives your team incredibly valuable insights into how campaigns are performing and the opportunity to make changes in real-time so you can capitalize on any opportunity.


We also offer access to our robust API for link management within your own ecosystem and connect tools like messaging platforms or Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Twilio. Our API was built to be open and ready to serve new ideas as fast as our brilliant customers can dream them up.

We’re always looking to make improvements, and if there are tools from your existing stack that aren’t already integrated with TrackURL.link, we’d love to explore adding an integration.

Speedy redirects

Customers are sometimes concerned that adding a branded link into their customer experience will cause issues like SEO, load times, and extra hops. 

Since we use a 301 or 307 redirect, search engines are savvy and no SEO value is lost when using short links so the use of BL.INK is completely transparent. Redirects are measured in milliseconds and are often missed entirely if you blink (hence, our name), so the customer experience is not degraded. 

Yes, there is an extra hop involved when you shorten the links, but this is so commonplace that we have never seen it become an issue for our customers or their audiences. Using branded short links is a welcomed experience by everyone and the confidence and trust created by them increases engagement.  

Using one tool, instead of many

Many of our users find that while link shortening is offered through their email programs, social tools, etc., it’s much more convenient having all of their short links and click data in one central location.

Links in TrackURL.link can be added, managed, and edited all in one place. And users have full control and access to their links and click data without having to wait on a third party. 

And if you are transitioning between tools? Our customers that have transitioned tools while using TrackURL.link never skip a beat. 

Transitioning from one social management platform to another?  Maybe switching SMS providers? When TrackURL.link powers your links, transitions become easier and migrations are not required. 

The links, data, and experience is entirely yours from beginning to end. Your team can keep doing what you’re doing in the existing tool, while ramping up the new tool. The links don’t belong to a third-party, so you don’t have to worry about who owns the data, where it is stored, or how it’s presented. Your audience will never notice the transition, and it’s a smooth, seamless process for your team without any downtime.

Your brand is everything

Branding is key. TrackURL.link allows and encourages the use of a custom domain. With a branded domain, your links are consistent and they promote your brand – not someone else’s. Using a branded link has also proved to boost audience engagement.

Using a branded domain name increases trust and click confidence. If you’re sending your links via messaging or SMS, or sharing the link on social media, users are more likely to click on a link that matches your branding because they know where the link is coming from, and know where it’s going. 

First impressions are also important! With all the competition, it’s important to make sure your brand stands out. Branded short links are memorable, identifiable, and more likely to generate more traffic.

Building the perfect link

TrackURL.link’s URLBuilder enables users to create ideal attribution strategies and build out frequently used tracking parameters within the account settings, making these available to all users across an organization. URLBuilder helps to standardize URL construction and analytics tags across your teams and makes building URLs a breeze.

Our customers frequently started with complicated spreadsheets to build and manage analytics parameters. Once they standardized on TrackURL.link, every vendor, team, and department is now working in harmony to create the perfect link and amplify attribution data for their analytics teams.

When your data and analytics teams are receiving properly formatted data and attribution values, they are able to provide better insight into campaign performance and investments.This provides a better allocation of budget with clarity and efficiency for all parties.

Streamlining throughout your entire company

TrackURL.link offers the ability to easily and efficiently collaborate with other users, teams, and brands under your organization. When employees, teams, agencies, and vendors around the globe need a unified, multi-brand platform to create the perfect link, TrackURL.link delivers on each point with ease and experience. 

The TrackURL.link platform supports customers that have integrated hundreds of marketers, teams, engineers, and agencies around the globe. We have customers with thousands of users where every employee is given access to BL.INK for both internal and external communications. When TrackURL.link is at the fingertips of an entire organization, value is returned exponentially.  

Unify every engagement across every team, campaign, and product with TrackURL.link.

Agencies love us

As we mentioned above, TrackURL.link makes collaboration easy. Many customers include their agency contacts as users within their BL.INK account, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly. 

We offer tiered levels of access from user specific links, to full administrative access on each domain under the account. Each user will have the access they need in order to create, manage, and track their links, without having to wait on a third party.

In-depth, real-time, easy-to-digest Analytics

TrackURL.link’s analytics offer users full control over campaign insights. We offer in-depth analytics for links and QR codes that include device, referrer, and location data down to the city-level.

Each analytics platform is different, and tracks their clicks differently. We’re very transparent in how we track clicks, and many of our users will use our analytics as a baseline to compare against different analytics platforms.

Features of TrackURL.link:

1. Easy and Quick URL shortening.

2. Create your own custom link according to your uses.

3. Add your own branded domain to create short link

4. Get free subdomain to create short link

5. View complete social media traffic analytics of created links

6. We provide API integration with a complete documention.

7. QR code generator for each short link.

8. Create password protected link to prevent random access of your short link.

TrackURL.link is a next-generation link shortener with the ability to schedule changes to your link destinations. With Jelly URL, you can create custom links, add custom domains, generate QR codes, enable UTM tracking, schedule changes to your links, and more! Jelly URL is an all-in-one tool to create and manage links.

With TrackURL.link, you can gain insight into how a campaign is performing – whether it’s on your site or a third-party website. By creating a short link for your campaign running on another website, you’re able to instantly see how the campaign is doing, and make adjustments as needed in real-time.

No more waiting on a third-party or a different department to make tweaks or provide analytics information – it’s all at your fingertips within your TrackURL.link account.

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